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make a frame for frameless backpack Answered

I have an eastpack 60lt and stuff always pile up in the bottom; what can I use that is light and keeps the backpack straight and stretched?


I have a ALICE back pack. I used 1/2 inch PVC pipe for the main frame. If you need to shape it use a small torch in a well ventilated area.

Well you could try to heat up some piping (soething a little stronger than copper) and bend accordingly to backpack shape. Then make the frame and just sew it in. When I do most of my heavy-duty sewing a use 20 lbs test fishing line. That way it's less likely to break with use. This is just a random idea I though up real quick. I'm sure if you put your mind to it you'll think of something!

The rucksack is designed to be frameless - you are supposed to use it fairly full to stop things getting stirred up.

Rather than fit a frame, why not fill it? You should be able to get storage boxes that fit the bag, you can stack them up inside the sack, and fill them as required.