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make a high current 12v to 24v converter or doubler? Answered

Hello i need to make a 24v power supply from a 12v source it also has to be able to handle 15 amps of output, any help in making this would be appreciated.  Also series wiring two batteries wont do for me. Thanks to all who answer


Hi! :-)

I was just goofing around pounding the same question when it suddenly hit me - what about dx.com and voila! :-)

Take a look at this:


Hope this helps you. I`m going to order one soon and I can post a new note when I`ve got it and tried it.
- R :-)

im not sure if this helps but ill try my best. for a dc 12v soure u can use a high current dc-dc converter or for an ac soure just put it thought a transformer. one thing that might work is make a ocilating dc souce from the 12v with a 555 pwm circut and put it thourhgt a transformer. hope this helps :)

That's a big supply to roll your own. I suggest you buy one in.