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making a dc to dc 500w computer power supply? Answered

i am wanting to take a 500w psu and turn it in to two parts so i can have half of it out of my computer in a power brick and the other half in, reducing heat and size.  now you may ask what mad man would dream such a thing but here me out, I will be moving around alot and I want a gaming laptop but don't want to spring the cash to buy a good one so i figure with a bit of ingenuity and sacrificing the small footprint of a factory built i could make a gaming computer in a suitcase.


Why not put the entire power supply outboard, and feed DC into your suitcase?

Remember that you have to power the display too.

(There certainly have been other gaming-computer-in-suitcase builds, aimed at LAN parties. You might want to go searching to find out how they approached it.)

i have taken a look at them but they all had there psu in the case. i was originally just going to leave a power supply out side the case but then i would have to plus in a bunch of cables to it every time i used it and on top of having the big voltage drop being out side of the computer to keep it cool also i could hook up to a 12v system without a inverter. as for the monitor i was going to get a cheap one off new egg and pull the power supply off and wire up a molex connecter and run it to the psu


6 years ago

Do a Google search for PC in a suitcase. Its been done a number of times.


I was going to build a PC in a beer keg in my more ambitious days. And use real beer for liquid cooling with the cold coming from a ice bucket. Also was going to be tappable so you could get a mug and play at the same time. I still have the keg kicking around outside, Hmmm, wonder what it would sell for on eBay?

hear in Fort Collins kegs go for at least $50 due to the high number of home brewers