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making a drill? Answered

i need some sort of drill, but i have to make it. it can be powered by anything, air, electricity,etc. just, not hand crank. it doesn't have to be very heavy-duty, i only drill soft plastic mostly. thanks!



3 years ago

Buy a motor ($10) or salvenge a reasonably large one, get a metal gear box or gears to make one ($20-$70) so you can get more torque output and optionally one that the output torque/speed can be changed, of course making sure that the motor's shaft can be attached to the gear box, and then go buy a chuck ($20-$40) Now make adaptor fittings for all the mechanisms and get a motor speed controller PWM driver to power the motor. Then use a CNC or routing machine to carve out a nice case for everything to fit in. You might be able to get away with 3D printing a case, although it will not last long with a hot motor running.

You will end up spending more than the cost of a new drill and battery pack unless you've got plenty of junk lying around, and the tools needed to make custom pieces.

Perhaps you could use a dremal rotery tool and convert that into a drill.

true.. thanks! too bad replies can't be chosen as best answer.

Just have them repost the reply then choose it as the Best Answer.

thanks, i made a bet with my freinds that i could make a better drill then them, so far they bought drills and put tape on them. they said they made it.(lame!)