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making a grappling hook ? Answered

i know there are already instructables on grappling hooks but none are quite what i want . criteria are :strong,cheap, a good weight heavy enough to get distance on a throw but not so much that it feels like carrying round a rock , adaptable from tasks like getting up a tree to using as an anchor from a boat(which i plan to make at some point) to dragging logs around etc. i have an idea of welding together some heavy duty nails or screws.   or possibly putting some screws into wood but im worried that the former would be quite difficult for me to make with m lack of experience and the latter to be to weak .so please could anyone reading this put there ideas forward ,

 thanks wood wizard


Try welding together some pieces of rebar,

+1 although I would eventually look to make something with folding arms so you can store it easily.

The traditional anchors are well designed for a reason. Just dropping a hook over the side may or may not give you satisfactory holding power depending on the state of the bottom.

fair point but that particular point is one of the lower on the criteria as it would primarily for moving some medium size branches on the other side of a stream that i need to clear before i can get my bridge slege (litterally a bridge into a sledge) across it and also for climbing the anchor use is something i thought could be handy at some point in the future