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making a nintendo screwdriver Answered

I want to put the L.E.D's into my Wii remote but i dont have the screwdriver for it yet, howcan i make my own that will work for even a short period of time? I tried using the small flat head like in one of the instructables but i dont have one the right size and i cant cut up a bigger one to make it fit


simplest thing to do is get a nintendo screwdriver from newelectronx.com best in the business and they work great. i have been useing the same one for about 2 years now. :)

Try to find a miniature screwdriver set at a dollar store. They are always handy to have around. You may even be able to find the screwdriver tip and allen key assortment for other needs. Those screws in remote controls and electronics are so small, if you try the wrong tool are easy to strip the threads and you will have a mess of a time trying to take it apart.

yeah they use the rare tri wing screwdriver Ebay is your freind