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man lift from ground floor to first floor on my house Answered

I suffer from copd which leaves me breathless when climbing stairs.I need a man lift of some kind.I imagine a cage for one powered by an electric hoist


There are some "chairlifts" which are riding chairs along a rail along one side of the stairs. May be an option if you can't do an elevator type of installation. DIY versions are done with a garage door opener motor or winch.

the Stanna style chairlift is not an option sadly. The best way is on the outside of the building I think.Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it

I remember seeing something built along the lines of a truck forklift mechanism to create an elevator. All of this might be pretty expensive though and you do have to have all kinds of safety mechanisms in place and approved building modifications. I don't know if it is covered under medical insurance.

again thanks, as I live in the Philippines approved building mods do not apply. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha, I envisage an electric motor fixed to the beam on the second floor with a wire rope pulling the cage up to the first floor, cheap and nasty I guess but I think it will work.Innovation is the name of the game here and I just want to know others ideas which will probably be better than mine

I guess you want to go the helicopter rescue basket route. You would want a steel beam strong enough and properly secured to the building up high and sticking out above the vertical path of your lift. I would suggest a pulley system to make your motor work easier and add in a set of counterweights just like a real elevator system. I think you need to figure out the anti-slip, free-fall restraining and reversing safety systems. Maybe look up the farm equipment they use to get hay bales up in barns. Good luck.

I like your thinking.Any suggestions as to what size electric motor I would need ? I am about 160 pounds in weight and the lift is only for me.

try to get a car winch, they have corded remote controls, rated to pull about 2000lbs or more.

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