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manual gear oil? Answered

why i have to change my "hyundai elantra" 1500cc 1995 model, manual gear oil. mileage of car is 230000 km. car shape is good. and what recommended for this car if i have to??

many thanks


The owners manual has a 'fluid & capacities' section where you can find the specific one for your vehicle. The 'maintenance' section tell the regular intervals at which specific services need to be done, including transmission fluid exchange. If you don't have the owners manual, find an auto parts store and bring the year/make/model/engine size information & they can tell you fluid type, capacity & maintenance interval.

This is why you change oil(s): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Viscosity -Oil is measured (more or less) by viscosity and as heat/pressure breakdown the oil's viscosity making it 'thin', the oil doesn't lubricate as good and that makes it harder for the metal gears/bearing/etc to stay cool. When that happens is the friction & heat make premature wear and fatigue, see this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fatigue_(material)

This is also true for engine, differential, transfercase, and transaxles (front wheel drive transmissions).

Read the user-manual.


.  +1. If you didn't get one with the car, you should be able to find one online.
.  If all else fails, I'd try "SAE 75W/90 gear oil" (or similar, straight 90W will work in warmer climes) but that's old-school stuff and may not be appropriate for a 1995 vehicle.

I did look online, but only found the electrical (or was it and electrical?)


Ask at an automotive parts/suppy store or a dealer. They know or have the resources to find out . They won't well you the wrong thing since transmissions can be damaged by using the wrong oil.

Don't guess, a few oils shouldn't be mixed and will damage the transmission.

Most likely 90 weight.