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mayan box Answered

Hi, nice forum you have   Im sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, but not long ago I bought this box at the flea market
 It looks to me like an old mayan peice was found and made into a jewel box, could someone please tee me more, thank you. Brad




6 years ago

Is that a stone carving or metal?

I have to agree with Ann here, and as the box looks fairly aged, it might be worth something even if the stone inlay is only a copy.

Green stone/jade is my guess on the stone. I would definitely take a close up picture of the stone (you could also scan it or photocopy the image- it might make the glyphs easier to see in black and white) and send a good copy to a Museum that has a Pre-Columbian curator. My guess is that it is a good copy, but I'm not an expert. It is a nice piece!

Is that a stone carving or metal? I guess if you can peek at the edges or look closely maybe you can determine if it was hand tooled or just cut/cast by machine or more modern methods. Is it cursed? Maybe take it to an antique dealer or even a museum to see if they can appraise it for you. Good luck.

thanks for the reply. the inlay un the lid is stone and looks hand carved