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me from Pakistan .I have an idea of producuing cheap electricty ? Answered

because it involve gravity and mechanical principal i want to contact with a person who knows mechanical fine . i want to discuss this plan?

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cdubnbird (author)2009-02-15

i agree with the UziMonkey the bike generator is probably your best option but if you really wanted to use gravity you could find some machinery or objects near you that naturally move up and use it's energy to power a device. for instance walking as you walk you naturally rise and fall. they make backpacks that contain magnetic induction generators that generate electricity every time they rise or fall.

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NobodyInParticular (author)2009-02-14

Gravity is a very weak force. But it may be possible to store electrical energy as gravitational potential energy if you have very large amounts of concrete or water.

Suppose you lift a 5 meter cube of concrete 3 meters in the air. You slowly lower it to the ground. Meanwhile, you use the force of its fall to run an electric generator. This would allow you to power a 1 kilowatt device for one hour.

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UziMonkey (author)2009-02-13

If you're going to be lifting heavy weights up and letting them fall to... somehow create electricity, the work that will take outweighs the benefits. Generating electricity from gravity, but providing the potential energy with your own energy is not exactly efficient. You might as well rig up a bike generator.

Solar is an option, but photovoltaic cells are really expensive.

Wind a good option. A windmill can be expensive, but possibly made yourself. It's also not a complex machine, so you can repair it yourself.

A water wheel would work if you live near a fast moving body of water.

There's always generators, but they need gasoline.

There was an idea for a windbelt last year. It can be made for almost nothing (you need a piece of PVC, a piece of rubber membrane, two magnets and two coils), but doesn't generate much power. Maybe enough to run a small light.

The before-mentioned bike generator is easy to build. You might be able to use something like an alternator from an old car connected directly to the back axle of a bike suspended over the ground. Make this charge some batteries and away you go!

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