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microwave is noisy Answered

how can you quiet vibration on side panel where magnatron is located, if I put my hand on this location you can feel it vibrate and by applying a little pressure the noise is cut in half , tried  square piece of rubber used as seam tape for rubber roofing helped a little but looks ugly (wife) 


Get some double-sided sticky-foam pads, put about 5mm om the panel and stick something weighty on it (picture in frame?)


Great advice. We just got an LG LCS1112ST microwave oven, which works great except for excessive hum on the magnetron side. We got a 4x4 inch piece of slate rock from Home Depot and mounted with double-sided tape. That damped the vibration like a champ. I included the model number in case anyone who got the same unit searches on that for a solution.

Is something touching the side? We keep some salt and pepper shakers next to ours and when they get bumped up next to it they make a loud vibrating noise.

It is possible that the fan's rotation matches the resonant frequency of the panel.

Try fixing a heavy weight to the panel to change the resonant frequency - as a test, just press on a lump of modelling clay. If that works, try a more permanent version.

All the noise and vibrations in a microwave comes from it's cooling fan and the motor that turns/moves the tray. If this is causing the side panel to vibrate then you need to locate where the panel is making contact with other parts of the microwave and place some rubber between those points. You may have to remove the cover to do this. Just stay clear of the large transformer inside.


You should get a slight 60 (or 50) Hz hum from the transformer, but almost nothing compared to the (usually cheap) cooling fan. Consider cleaning the fan blades as well, years of grime can put them out of balance.