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mirror ball for panoramic imaging Answered

hello everybody,
i am complete new to this site, but i have seen lots of interesting stuff!
maybe someone here can help me...
i want to take panoramic images using a shot of a mirrorball. it is a simple technique, still very effictive. but: where, or how can i get a real perfect mirrorball? it has to have a perfect surface...
you can buy steel-balls, or christmas-decoration, but none of these is good enough. it should have the surface quality of an photographic lens.
my idea: buying a "cheap" glass-ball and somehow turning it to a mirror. but how can i do this?

any ideas?
If you are interested in the technique of panoramashooting using a mirrirball check this site: http://www.clickheredesign.com.au/cubicconverter/tutorials/converting-mirrorball.html


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jumpjack2 (author)2015-11-20

Any similar tool for Windows?

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egkhoury (author)2012-12-24

Hi, there is a new iPhone app that turns this kind of reflection into a spherical panorama. The app is currently free. I am the developer and invite you to try.
360 Ball
Here is an unwarped image generated by the app:

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janto (author)2008-10-06

even with a real good sphere you will not reach quality of a stitched pano, but as you said it could be quick. plus: you can make panos in very strange spaces... i think a metal ball cannot be smooth enough. if you can't see any scratches with your eyes, the camera will see them. because you have awful lots of information to be packed in one photo, every little scratch, or polishing mark is bad. maybe it is possible to apply some metal tom a glass ball, using some strange chemical process? ... >?

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gmoon (author)2008-10-05

I like to see how this works out. I've never tried the mirror technique--spheres aren't the ideal surface. But you can't beat the one-shot technique for quickness.

I've done my share of true 360-180 panos, but I've got a nice tripod head for that....

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gmjhowe (author)2008-10-05

May i suggest something like a garden mirror ball, these are normally made from metal, and have a more 'glossy' finish, so might work better! Here is a picture i just took, using a heavy mirrorball i got from an interior furniture shop.

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