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My Macbook won't boot "missing operating system" is what comes up on the screen... Answered

I installed Windows 7 over a year ago. Didn't have any problems with running that operating system. The screen ended up getting broken on my laptop. Finally i replaced the screen, Went to power up my mac and it wont boot . All i get is "missing operating system ".. Anyone know how to fix that?


I think you're missing a little more than your OS... if you know what I mean... ;)

(Your HD is probably corrupted... a backup is worth a thousand geeks...)

I knew you'd come up with another saying... ;)

Well... it's not really a new one... I'm just stealing one of my older ones... ;)

I just didn't want to take the time to think of a new one when the author can't even take the time to ask the question so that we can help him/her...

I found Win 7 could it be yours? If you don't claim it in 30 days it's min -

PS. I should have told you this 29 days ago.

PLEASE! no crystal balls available explain what you mean.


6 years ago

I miss it too but I am consoled by the fact that its only temporary. Next year it will be replaced by a successor.

You need to check the software aisle. If you are seeing groceries, you are in the wrong store.

I know how you feel. I switched to linux waaaaaaaaay long ago and was very confused and lost, immediately feeling remorse for the change and soon switched back.


...only probable real meaning to your question: if win7 went missing, your hard drive is probably kaput/corrupted. You might be able to reinstall from the install disks, but expect to need to replace the drive, then format/reinstall.

No, I'm not missing Windows 7 at all, but thanks for asking!

I really miss this kind of clarity, it is the finest question of it's kind I have ever encountered.