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mixture/% of ingredients? I have made my mould, latex/rubber, appro ? Answered

I sand carve,diamond, blast ETC, glass, granite, marble, wood, rock ETC. For my 12x6 " mould...I wish to make it from Portland cement, sand some fibre glass mat.......and GRANITE DUST 2% or 30%..so I can legally and morally call it a GRANITE base. It is groved to hold either 1/2" plate glass or a tile of substrate, approx the same thickness. If substrate is heavy or thick I will probably use adhesive for safety., Possible illuminate..Will see as it goes.

This is very non orthodox, all my items are...but If I am charging several hundred to several thousand $ IT MUST BE A WORTHY BASE...IN mind is $75.00 to $150 just for the base. GRANITE or MARBLE is perceived $$$$$$$

I can take pic of mould for you, I can also fill mould with water to know volume. I have asked many people and received many answers/options....confusion!!!!???? So I am asking A pro. HELP

What else do you need myself????? Harry Shaboogy whatablastt@gmail.com

"perception is reality"

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