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motorized flip up license plate Answered

    I have started to try and create a motorized flip up license plate. It's mainly for my motorcycle.  In the "off" position the license plate is down and readable. Turn the switch to "on" and it flips up, making the plate unreadable. I thought about using a servo or a motor with limit switches. I do not really know how to wire something up to control the servo or motor.  Any help would be great. I know they sell these as kits, but they start off at teh $150 dollar range.

Thanks in advance!


There's potentially a big legality issue here, only James Bond has the right to do this!

Not really, I noticed in many parts of Africa the cars have no number plates at all.
And why would the cops think anything bad if they see a flipping number plate?
Maybe the owner has an expensive car as well and takes the number plates for a ride so they some wear and tear? ;)

True, guess it depends where he is located. In some American states you are only required to display a license plate on the rear.

I'd like to flip my number plate when I'm in a hurry, good way of avoiding a speeding fine.

Also a good way to get killed or kill someone if I trust the statistics ;)
I you think you need to hurry and speed then it simply only means that you already did something wrong before you even started the car ;)

Could you not use a piece of string instead?


You are aware that such a device would be illegal in most countries?

In the UK, fitting the device, but not switching it on, would earn you points on your license, a fine, possible court appearance and could get your vehicle confiscated.