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mp4=mp3 Answered

is there any way at all to convert a mp4 song into an mp3 on a mac? my mp3 player cant play mp4's and i want this certain amount of songs converted to mp3 is there anyway to do that?


iTunes will convert them for you. In Preferences>Advanced>Importing set "Import Using:" to MP3. Select the song and then from the Advanced menu, select "Convert Selection to MP3." This will work on both Mac & Windows.

im not importing i already have the song what should i do? and i dont have the cd either

You don't need to import. That's just where the setting is. Once iTunes is setup properly, just open the MP4 file with iTunes, and select "Convert Selection to MP3" from the Advanced menu.

When you did the convert selection, another entry by the same name appeared in your iTunes Library. The other one is the MP3 version. If you right-click (or control-click) either file in iTunes and select "Show in Finder," it will open a folder containing both the original MP4 and the new MP3 versions.

thank you oh wise computer guru mind if i post an instructable for this? ill give you credit of course cuz it was kinda confusing for me im as dumb as a doornail

Go for it! Have fun. I'm working on another computer instructable as we speek.