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my arduino ''pin holder'' broke what should I do if it does? Answered

#I am not good at soldering should I buy a new one or use my reciept to get the money for a new one at radioshack?



Best Answer 6 years ago

There is a difference between not good and 'unwilling to get better' -- a pin header such as installed on an arduino can EASILY be desoldered (look up some youtube vids - its super easy!)...and replaced with an equivalent 0.1" pin header. (cheaply too)

Just be wary that it may short the pins if damaged - so remove the old one before powering up the unit.

Lastly, if the pins bent/broken are not used (you only need a few pins for a project) -- then cut the damaged ones off carefully, and only use the ones you need. May not work with some specific hardwired shields.

ok where do I get a nw row of headers then?

my search:




$1.50 from sparkfun gets you 40 pins.
You'll also need
some desoldering braid -- you lay it on the joint, heat it with your iron, and it sucks up through capillary action. Do this for all the joints and bam, clean holes to solder the new header to.

From the looks of your damage is only the last pin - if you carefully cut vertically you can just remove that one pin leaving the rest of the header intact -- I bet you can find a single pin header from another project SOMEWHERE to replace it without having to buy a whole new strip.

If I don't get the board then I willget the headers and the wick

thanks but I think I will at least try to exchange it for a new one

Pin holder? Do you mean one of the rows of headers on the edges?
Was it new or did it break because it was faulty? You can try to return it but they may not take it. If they don't take it and you can't return it you could try to sell it on eBay at a slightly reduced price, buy a new one, and be more careful with it.

I was wanting it to be in mint condition but I don't want to ruin the board because I suck at soldering and my tips are worn out and I don't have anything to use to clean them.

Sounds like a good opportunity to learn. Chances are you don't need all the analog pins on the board (you can use the PWM digital pins as analog if you do) so if you can't reattach the header you'll be fine.

oh, and I forgot to say it was new but it broke while it was ''improperly mounted'' on my skateboard.

If you plan on putting it or any other electronics in harms way in the future consider enclosing them in a project box and packing the box with padding. It will save you from running into problems like this.