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my broken hand Answered

i broke my left hand now get ready to laugh...i slammed it in an old '77 cadilac door (OUCH). i cracked my 1st knuckle dislocated my index finger and fractured my bone that goes from your knuckle to your wrist (OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW)


i was trying to sleep on a banister rail with a quilt, i fell off and landed on my left hand my parents didnt think it was broken just a sprain so i rested it on a tea tray for the day, until i rolled off the sofa and landed on it again...

Why were you triyng to sleep on a banister rail? It doesn't soind very comfortable....

haha thats gotta suck!!!!!!!! and now here is my list of minor injuries lol i closed my thumb in the inside hinge of a truck door when i was really young lol I've broken a couple ribs playing lacrosse. once when i first learned how to ride my bike and i didnt really know how to stop, i was riding really fast and there was this cement platform... and now i have a big scar and chunk of dead skin on my knee. and yesterday i was riding a friends 3-wheeler(theres a reason why they are illegal now...) and he didnt have back brakes. i was going kinda fast and turned. the back left wheel came off the ground so i slammed the brakes thinking they were the back brakes, well they were the front. so i flipped and the only thing that happened was i skint my hand real bad, theres a flap of skin about the circumference of a Dcell battery hanging on by about 3/4 a centimeter of skin. well, i hope your hand is okay

thank you and sense the nerve endings are so small that it hurts a lot more

hahaha i wonder why one of the most painful places to receive impact and cut injuries is also the area where it generally happens the most. it would make more sense for our hands to be rather immune to pain but still be able to feel and have our lower back or something really sensitive.

Don't worry about it I've broken my arm for the fourth time (well minor fracture so no hospital needed) But that make 2 all left and right, I have nuimerous broken metatarsals (i think) the ones in my feet anyway, one knee go past straight and the other doesn't go straight all the way. Also I got impaled on a tree before. Been hit by many moving vehicles and usually stood up and shouted at the idiot that hit me, never done enough to keep me down more than five mins anyway... But never have I slammed my hand in a car door (that must hurt like hell) the door of the old volvo we had closed on my leg and left a dent in my shin to this day. That was worse no doubt.

I once suffered an automobile accident that, when I woke in the hospital, 28+ hours had passed.

Hmmm must have been odd, I never been knocked out through force never mind 28hrs and I've had some major blows to the head and still managed to stand... I did sleep for 3 days once... my mum called the doctor but because I was breathing and whatnot I was left to it she thought i was comatose and maybe I was for no reason but I woke up at three in the afternoon and asked if we were going to the cinema (it's cheap on tuesdays) I was then told it was thursday, I had been asleep for 73hrs not one hour..

Yeah, the fellow that hit my car with his, saw me get out of the car (after traveling about 150 yards and shearing off a telephone pole) and falling into a puddle of blood that form in the few moments I stood there. The impact gashed the top of my head (head wounds bleed profusely), and he said he thought he'd killed me. I don't remember any of that, and woke up the next day....they said I had been in a minor coma. *shrug* I don't remember so I don't know.

odd how things can happen, I've been hit by a car on my bicycle and ended up 50 feet from where I was hit on the other side of a hedge with my earphones still in and phone still going... flipped over a chair and broke my arm... worst car related accident involved and old banger with bad brakes, 2 walls and a freight container... oh and there was a corner somewhere but it didn't really get it's say. I was doing about 50mph where i shouldn't have been in a junker (volvo saved my life no doubt) and couldn't get slowed down in time natural reaction was to try and slide about the corner only to find myself going backwards past the corner via the wall, through another wall (partly only the rear half of the car hit the wall flinging it round and into the side of the container. After finishing my cigarette which made its way from my mouth to the dash to my lap. I clambered out of the wreckage, checking myself for horrible injuries, I was fine. The next day I couldn't walk and went to the doctor who gave me a check and he said no concussion, bad whiplash and no need for stitches (i had a few cuts on my arms and one on my head.) I still can't believe the way things work out ok I was out of action for a day or two because I'd managed to bulldoze most of two walls and put a volvo halfway into a freight container but here are a few really strange things. -I was basically uninjured -the volvo got dragged out and still ran but not in a straight line because it was now bent -You near dropped dead but not before getting up and out of your car. -the seatbelts in cars are tougher than the rest of them -I bet if you remeber actually crashing you think it would make a great TV ad for safe drivers

Well, other then the one bad one, I haven't had to go through anything like that. Once though, I went to turn onto an entrance ramp to the bypass and fell asleep as I turned. The guard rail at the beginning there, slopes down and is "buried" into the ground. So i, while asleep, rode up the guardrail, and even the jolt to a stop didn't wake me, but the cigerette I had at the time, fell out of my mouth and slipped down between my legs. I thought I was being stung by 20 bumble bees down there. I have never exited a car so fast (well, once I did sit on yellow jacket bee once and exited the car pretty fast that time too).

ever been walking across a log and it broke and you fell through it, can be painful , now add a hornets nest as the creamy filling to the log in question, and a red shirt...

Bees and I get along pretty well MOST of the time. Once though, I left some galvanized tubes upsidedown in the back yard too long over the summer, and my Mom asked me to "come and remove them". A few of my friends were with me at the time, and when we lifted the first tub, we were inundated with bumble bees. Needless to say we waited until winter to remove the tubs....


10 years ago

Did you get your x-rays?
You could make one of these lamps.

no sense I went to the E.R. they wouldn't let me keep them they said something about a record

When I was little (2,3,4 ish), I fell backwards down the stairs and split my head on a radiator. A neighbour rushed me to hospital and I bled all over his new suede seats. Forever ruined. Another inch or so of hair-loss, and the scars will be revealed.

you cracked your skull! like brain deep?

I do remember one "closing of the car door" on my thumb, and it hurt so badly I went to react by pulling away. That made the pain worse....pulling it out without first opening the door. No breaks though thankfully. It did hurt like hang though...

That's got to sting! I once had to hold a kid's finger together until the ambulance arrived - he got it mashed in the hinge-side of a classroom door when another kid slammed it. I found out later that they classified his injury as three separate compound fractures in the last bone of his finger.

Oh, the finger was OK in the end, and the kid came to find me to apologise for swearing when I accidentally squeazed his finger - there's hope for humanity yet.

That's good to know, I've almost given up on the kidies younger than me...

Hmphrrr, I had given up on many adults younger then me *sly grin* ;-)

Hey there young whipper-snapper, one day you will get here too, if the sun doesn't go out before then LOL So let me tell you someth.....


You mean everyone? ;-D

Sorry, couldn't resist.

No not everyone, my Mom is still around, and wife's parents are still around....but I do miss the dinosaurs LOL

no it didn't sting it was more like someone was putting pressure on it then i opened the door,because it clicked shut,then it started to BURN.


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I'm sorry, but this isn't much of an instructable. You're just showing pictures of the end result - what good is that? Next time take pictures while you're doing it! :-D

1.this isnt an instructable its a forum
2.i didnt hurt it making anything
3.i didnt have a camera

Yowie! I once was uber close to doing the same thing.... I was being smart and jump into a 90 something Buick Century, and I slammed the door while i was still swinging in while holding onto the frame. The edge missed my finger by like nothing and my finger tips were trapped in the rubber sealer stuff. rather hair raising I assure you...

I once broke my ring finger and, prior to it fully healing, did something instructable worthy in my shop and screwed up the alignment of the bones. No disability or anything but the ring finger knuckle on my right hand is missing from some angles. Just something to consider over the next few weeks. Good luck.

Damn, that had to hurt!


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One time this kid at school kicked a locker door shut on my fingers, and that hurt a lot. But a 77' caddy! I feel sorry for you! Get well soon at least.

ya a '77 caddy hurts and it cuts you ihave a gash on my hand

Ouch, thankfully all the many times I had fingers "shut" in doors, I never broke a bone (not that way anyways). I hope you heal quickly.