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my computer had been infected with a virus what should i do? plz help!!! Answered

my computer had been infected with a virus that tends to bind to window files and when i try to open antivirus programs, the virus shut it off, what should i do?????? plzzz help me, i cant even delete it with avira?


Start your computer in Safe Mode with network access and then download and run Malware Bytes and Ccleaner (also recommend super antispyware). This takes a while, be patient. Reboot and your virus will hopefully be gone :)

TrendMicro Housecall if you are able to connect to the net.

Toss it and get a mac, they don't get viruses.

If you can't afford a MAC then install Ubuntu as a secondary system on a new partition, in addition to the Windows partition. You will then be able to safely access your files. The Ubutu installation will do it for you. and best of all, no $/£s

boot a linux live disk

find your important stuff (files mp3s etc) and save it all to usb drive or your d:\ drive

what os you want to run ?

if you want windows insert its install disk and start installation. in the partition stage choose to reformat your drive c with quick or full format using fat32 or ntfs

if you want linux (a great system which i like to use all the time) get install disk of it (i'd suggest mandriva one kde). in the partitions identify your c:\ partition (by its size) and install over it

if you want both windows and linux (youll have a menu when computer starts) then install windows first but delete the c:\ partition and make one smaller so that there is space left for linux. linux needs about 5 G of space for normal beginner use but can fit in less. after you installed windows install linux to the free space left in the drive

try Malware bytes- they have a free version that is pretty good. If all else fails I have had luck with using a linux live disk to wipe the HD and then reinstall the OS.

Get a new windows CD, or a linux CD, Ubuntu is free and very good, then re install the operating system, it will erase everything, including the virus.