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my girl is going to paris and she not takeing me should I be worried? what if she going to see some one else? Answered

last moth she sad she is going to paris and when she tolled me she has been cooled to me?



Saw this somewhere, I don't know who its attributed to (jonathan Livingstone Seagull ???)

If you love someone, let them go free, if they come back, they're yours, if they don't, they never were..

yes and no how was she when she was with you. ask her if she can call you eveyday before she go to sleep

You don't own her. She can and will go where she wants to go, with or without you. If you act like don't trust her, that's likely to drive her away. (And if you really don't trust her, the relationship's going nowhere anyway.)

Tell her to have a good time, tell her you'll miss her, tell her you'll be looking forward to her return... and leave it at that.

 Helzacat, your profile says you are with the Marines in Iran--is this up-to-date?  If so, I don't see how your girl could invite you to Paris.

Her going to Paris doesn't mean she has cooled towards you, and as to her going to see someone else, does she know people in Paris?

It must be very difficult for you, being overseas and not near her, but don't let your imagination run away, and for goodness sake accuse her of anything! You have been getting good advice from other members.  Believe in it.

Finally, thank you for your service.  
Sincere best wishes...........