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my motor does not work ? Answered

I have made a motor but it just does not work. I wrapped 0,25 mm sq copper wire 300 times around a magnet. And i connect the beginning and the end of the wire with some copper so that electricity can go through ( i do not know if it is right or wrong ). I tried to put on some batteries, i even tried to connect the wire to the electric socket but it does not work, either. What have i done wrong ? thanks a lots


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Toga_Dan (author)2014-11-20

a motor works when the coil, conducting current, becomes an electromagnet which attracts or repels a permanent magnet. usually the coil is allowed to spin while the permanent magnet remains stationary.

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Downunder35m (author)2014-11-19

I don't know if I missed it in the pics but to me it looks like

a) the magnet is mounted lenght wise, one pole where it is green, the other where it is red

b) the magent is fixed to the cage holding the wire

Both can't work as nothing can spin and with the magnetic field of the coil orientated length wise and the magnet the same the coil could only move up and down but not spin.

Basically just an electromagnet.

You might want check Wikipedia for the basic principles of electric motors, they good explained.
And there Instructable for sure to build a simple battery motor - just some wire on a battery and it spins.

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Albert J.L (author)2014-11-19

Do you want a AC current or DC current motor?

Each type requires a different system to create the attraction and repulsion required to move the armature in a circle or in a linear direction. Please check the following link to a magnet supplier's website with tons of information and supplies. http://www.kjmagnetics.com/FAQ.asp

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