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my name is chris benway and i want to know is there ant tech deck comps i can go to i need competition!? Answered

my name is chris benway and i am an amazing fingerboarder do you know a place were i can (show up in person) compete in any tech deck competitions because i am starting a company that makes fingerboards my way its called SICK N TWISTED boards and i one day hope to make it a reality with some crew members. Can you help me out? 



8 years ago

I don't know about finger-board meets, doubt we're in the same country, but as far as making your own style boards, give it a go.  Start small, with one. Use a hacksaw and file (if you want to change the shape) and printed graphics that you can glue on.  Keep the finished quality good and use it around other finger-boarders.  If they like it, they'll want to buy one.

Good luck.

I didn't think these things were popular enough to have many show-up-in-person competitions, which would explain the question.
You'd probably do a lot better asking in a Tech Deck forum, you could start here?