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my nephew lost his RC car's Remote .can any tell me how to match another remote ? Answered



like Jayefuu said, look around at someplace (like a thrift store) for a controller that has the same frequency as the car, which can be found most likely somewhere on the bottom, or on the box if you still have it.

the only thing i disagree with Jayefuu is that RC cars run in the MHz range, not KHz.

27 or 49MHz are the two most common frequencies.

Like rick said, you need a remote that operates on the same frequency. There's often a sticker with something like "27kHz" written on it near the battery compartment, or inside the lid of the compartment, or underneath the battery.

You may not be able to just buy a replacement remote for that toy without knowing the frequency as often manufacturers sell 2 or 3 frequencies for the same model of toy so that one family can play with multiple cars without them messing each other up.

You need to know the frequency it operated at and get a TX the same freq.

This may be a complex problem depending on exactly how "standard" the RC car was/is

Replacing the Transmitter and receiver may be the only other option.