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my new knex creation... the destroyer machine gun!! Answered

my newest creation... the distroyer. the gun lives up the the name. it is a 36-shot machine gun. you could also call it a gatling gun. it is compleately my creation. i am thinking about posting instructions but i do not have lots of time to do it. also it is a very big gun. most people will not have the peaces to make it anyway. it uses ruffly 680 peaces. it moves fast. it can shoot all 36 shots in + or - 5 seconds. also this verson of the gun is a bit rofe. before i even think about instructions it will need some moding.



O i forgot to add in, it will use at least 64 grey rods sorry, and at least 384 grey clips, sorry again!

aw man, i wont be able to build (stupid ****** *******
grey connector ********).


10 years ago


this forum topic was made in dec 7 2007, do you really think i still have it?

sorry *cowers in corner*


Please post!

Cool, I should hang out here more often.

well, if you put yellow connectors on rods and attach them to the white connector then you can get 16 shots. as for the rest of the barrels, thats my secret.

Its 32 barrels, not 36.

Crap.....64 freaking barrels!!!!! awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You should make it a hand held minigun. p.s. there aint nothin mini about it!!

if u gave me a pic of a single barrel, i could make the instructable for the destroyer, if u want.

no, i don't want it. i am making a 64 version that i will post instructions for.

can i at least get a side view? i wanna build it, even if it doesn't get posted!

um, there is no side picture. sorry. i could make one of the guns on it for you but that would be the best you would get. sorry.

still not finished, i havent worked on it much.

yea, well i still have to finish it lol.

sorry, but this version was bad. but fear not young one, i am working on the next version that i will post, that would be the big 64 shot version of the gun. with a new support system and better trigger. :-)

Looks cool, if you used red rods instead of yellow ones, you could have way more barrels.

yea i could but i do not have enought peaces for all the berrals.

yea. will i will count my peaces and if i cant i will look on ebay. i do not have many greys because thay stoped selling them as a single peace on knex.com. i looked at every peace in connectors and all the other catoreys. so ebay is my only chance.

did they answer? i need to know. it is the only way to get those peaces. it is really rare to find them on ebay ( its like trying to find cyber knex motors. there are rare and cost a lot.) most of the time when they are on ebay they are in a big lot with a lot of other peaces i do not need.

if they dont answer i will hunt them down and shoot them with my knex gun (it will be so iroanic, killed by there own invention mahahahahahahahahahaha*cough cough* hahahahaha

You should use spell check. knexguy told you how to properly spell "pieces".

You are not a repeat offender. I will let you off with one warning infraction and a cookie. But mark my words; YOU WILL GET NO COOKIE NEXT TIME!

Sorry, I have an annoying (or so I'm told) habit of picking people up on their grammar.

you convinsed me to work on making the 48 shot verson. no instrustons will be made because to many peaces are being used.