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my nintendo fell in water ,now will not work what can i do fix it? Answered

fell in water will not power on



If you can open up the case so that air can circulate you will stand a better chance.  Only open it up if you feel that you can get it back together again.

The quicker the water is out the better.  Most of the parts are water proof but it will sometime cause corrosion between the traces and leads, get inside switches and cause problems.  When turned on while wet, the water sometimes causes shorts between some of the parts and transistors and Ic's. particularly are susceptible to shorts.

If it's still wet and you want to try a more aggressive approach, if you rinse the board in rubbing alcohol it will displace the water and dry faster.  Alcohol does not corrode metal and I've never hurt any electronic part with alcohol.  Just be careful it is flammable.

Good luck and next time don't play with it in the tub.

It needs to be dried out. Remove the battery and take the case off if you can, put it in a warm and dry place (on top of a hot thing that's not too hot to touch) until it is dry. Then reassemble and give it a go.


Due to the fact you have tried to switch it on I'm going to say that it's dead. Once waters there and you switch in on chances are, everything fries.  If you don't try and switch it on there is a good chance that you could save it.


It might be dead. All I know is that if a cell phone falls into the water, the Best way to Try to save it is not turn the power on to put it into a bowel of rice or any other substance that absorbs water really nicely and leave it in there for a day or two.