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my older toshiba tv suddenly has a black square in the center of the screen. Is this repairable? Answered

Everything works. It turns on and I can see the shows behind the black square. It is on every channel. The sound still works too.  This is a big screen tv. One of the older ones that is as as big in back as it is tall. I remember years ago having a tv get a black line through the pictire and I was able to fix it by touching up some loose soldering. Any chance this could be that easy?



Best Answer 8 years ago

My TV is an HITACHI big screen and it does this occasionally.  It could be you accidentally pressed the PIP picture in picture button... or your CAT stepped on the remote and pressed that button.  You might have to use the ACTUAL remote that came with the TV to get PIP to turn off.  My Hitachi tv does this sometimes when NOBODY touched the remote.  I just press the ASPECT ratio button... and it goes away.  If it is stubborn, i UNPLUG the tv and power back up.  Might be some software glitch?? It only occurs rarely for me, so i live with it.  I think these measures should fix you up. You are also right that it might be a loose solder.  but i would only fight that battle if you MUST as last resort.  I have fixed many tv's by soldering stuff that the factory missed.   let us know if it fixed it  !!

Go into th Menu, Select 'Customs' and scroll to cc (closed caption). Turn the cc setting to off and the black square should go away.

 There is a good chance that your problem is the color filter (you said this was an older model "big screen" right). It would have to be replaced.  I am  mostly speculating, because I have seen this problem on older televisions, and it has always been the color filter. 

You might also want to check the Close Captioning settings you may have (or as stated above the cat may have!) hit that on your remote.  One of the settings on our Insignia tv has that same effect.