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my "enter" button is not working? Answered

on my computer, whenver i use the enter button, to do anything, it automatically go's to windows media player. I don't know why, can anyone help?


You activated a hot key. Press the "windows" key on your keyboard (the one with the windows symbol) and it should turn off.



(just couldn't resist) ;)

lol... No, I guess not. ;)

Funny enough 9 out of 10 times this is caused by a cat walking or trying to sleep on the keyboard...

Don't I know it! Guess who has to drive out to his Aunt's house every week or so to reconnect a wire, or fix a keyboard because of a certain very large cat??? :)

LOL... the cat isn't named Garfield is it? ;)

No... but it's obvious that Jim Davis knew what he was writing about... this cat acts exactly like Garfield... and the dog acts like Odie! :)

lol... that's funny. btw, did you notice the OP's name???

I guess the poodle did it. ;)

HaHa... I didn't notice it! Thanks for pointing it out! :)

thanks, it worked. :D

Hey. I'm glad it worked for you. I almost missed your reply (because you didn't actually use the "reply" button), but, the main thing is it worked. So if you don't mind, can you choose someone for "best answer", so that this questions gets marked as "answered" on the main page? Thanks. canucksgirl :)


6 years ago

Forgive me for saying it but --- How about trying the enter KEY and not your buttons. My enter buttons hold my pants up.
I really just couldn't resist.

My fingers were lured to my button board, like keys to a lock.

Check all of your keys on the keyboard.

You may have one key stuck or something.

Or try another keyboard.