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my tv has gone funny can u help? Answered

My portable tv has gone funny just after my gaurantee ran out and its gonna cost £80 to repair. After ten minutes of turning it on the picture goes funny it looks like i'm looking through predators eyes but cold heat not hot. Is there anyone out there can help me repair it through an instructable? It's a digitrex flatscreen 15" Thanks for any help anyone may provide.


Can you describe "through predators eyes but cold heat not hot"? Do the colours go wonky, does it get brighter or darker, can you see the picture, can you hear the sound etc? And what model number is it - look on the back L

It's like predator in the film predayor it sees its victims differently than us only it finds its victims through their heat my tv shows more blue an green an the model no is jtf 1500re

Would it be accurate to say that your red channel is dropping-out? That is the screen gets the blue and green signals, but not the red (when it goes funny)? L

could be there appears to be no red there but even with the green and blue being there its very hard to make out the picture. would it be worth me uploading a photo of what happens? And thanx for getting back to me it is much appreciated.

Couldn't find anything on the model - I'm thinking that it's either been damaged, or is defective in some other way. I don't have enough experience with these things to be able to offer you a fix I'm afraid. Posting a picture might help someone else solve this L

thanx for your help it must be defective as I've only had it a year.

Out of warranty then? You could try taking it apart carefully and seeing if you can spot anything obvious. If it's knackered you've not got much to lose. L

I'll take a wild guess--maybe like looking through the eyes of the "Predator" in Arnold's movie of the same name...

its more interesting to ask how does he know how stuff looks thru predators eyes

part 1

open it and look for visible damage on components

part 2

close it

let it run untill it becomes bad (so that everything that can become hot does)

unplug open

discharge crt but use 10 X 100K resistors in series and not just wire. keep AWAY from the resistors and wires

repeat that without the resistors (exactly as in the link)

touch all suspected components in board one by one from the top (careful ! there still may be charged capacitors with up to 300 V. dont touch more than component at a time and dont touch metal parts etc) see if there is some component that feels really hot or capacitor that feels hot at all

just to put you in the picture of my knowledge what is a resistor?

thanx for your comments I will endeavour to try this and no doubt get back to you.

The description suggests this is a cheap LCD TV not a CRT ? L

then great. no need to mess up with a crt