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my vacation to Orlando florida. Answered

I went on vacatioto Orlando Florida I went to Disney world.

I got some pictures now.

1.this is me playing ssbb 1st day
2.I saw a Chipotle on the way down to Florida 1st or 2nd day

on the 4th day we got to the Disney World camp ground

3.once we got to the Disney world resort camp ground I caught a lizard and named him Alfred.
4different view
5.the next day we went to Disny world and this is the first roller coaster we rode it was so wimpy I could take pictures on it.
6.then once we got in to tomorrow land we rode spacemountain and wow was that a good roller coaster.
7.on the exit of space mountain they have these cool animatronics(sp?)
8.later we went on over to go on buzz lightyears spin something like that and on the way there we saw him lol
9.when we finished with tomorrow land we went to holy wood studios this is one of the coolest pictures I took there.
10.this was in the line of the star wars ride where you were you go to Endor... but you don't your going to have to ride it to see what happens.
thats all for now.


You were about an hour and a half away from me.

I hope you got the chance to canoe the Wekiwa River, as close to unspoiled natural beauty as you'll find in the endless suburban sprawl that is Orlando.

I love the place, my wife hates it ;-). i took her there for a romantic picnic on our third date, she got covered from head to toe with chiggers, spent the rest of the weekend applying ointments, she still won't go back.


10 years ago

Go to Kennedy Space Center. And Ron John Surf Shop.

are you seriouse. i live on the east coast of florida and go to orlando alot. Just got back from Universal studios this weekend i went with my school band. But anyway kennedy space center is like three hours away f4om orlando esspecialy when you get caught in the afternoon traffic jams that all floridians know about. make sure you go to universal and ride the hulk and dueling dragons.

Well, KSC is worth an all-day trip. RJ wouldn't be, but it's there, and a good place to visit after KSC closes. I think that to make any of the reasonable tours, you wouldn't end up stick in "afternoon" traffic. We went to KSC last time we hit Orlando.

Ron Jon is a cool store, but it isn't unique to Orlando, or Florida in general. I go to one in LBI, New Jersey.

Ah, they must have expanded. I see even California has one that isn't anywhere near a beach (and so does orlando. But I had in mind going to the one in Cocoa Beach, which is near KSC. I think that's the original? Open 24hours; you can sneak it into an existing plan if you give up some sleep... :-)

This is something I will never understand, going on vacation to go shopping, my own wife does it, "honey, buy it on the internet". Yet I see oddles of tourists who seem never to leave the tourist strip mall fast food district. BTW Ron Jon is craptacular. And I like your new avatar.

It's probably a holdover from pre-global-economy days, when you really could find things in new places that were different than you could find at home. And surely it's nearly impossible to "shop" via internet: you can only BUY stuff, not look at it, hold it, feel it, etc.
Nowadays you have to be careful not to go to Y and end up buying the same "made in X" stuff that you could have gotten at home. Perhaps. In some cases, you're not buying "stuff" so much as "memory aids": "look, it's the conch shell I bought when we were in Cocoa beach!" is entirely different than "here's a conch shell I bought on eBay."
For instance, I really like to visit grocery stores when traveling, just to see what's DIFFERENT. (even within driving distance of "home", you may have assorted ethnic grocery stores that are and adventure to visit every once in a while...)

i wan an instructables shirt how i get one?

OK Im working on one for the burning questions contest maybe i can win one in that. Thanks for the info. :)

hey well I'm west of Orlando (Disney World was awesome) and I beat through the fire and the flames on hard for the first time yesterday ,twice! I don't have pictures for every thing yet sooo.... whatever I got to go.

I'm going to cook my feat and eat them... ok maybe not but i hear its a delicacy. LOL

I didn't know burritos had feet :-)

I'm not a burrito ahhh lol that kinda just rattled off my mind and I thought it sounded funny. lol

Yeah, my reply was along the same lines......shot out there without a lot of thought :-)

. Don't forget to posts pic of you in your Ibles t-shirt at the different places you visit.

Do you have any Instructables shirts?