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my view-sonic vp201LCD screen goes crazy with horizontal lines. is it repairable? can i repair it? Answered


Ya like GuardianFox said turn things off, especially if it has any high voltage parts. I find high voltage things, especially if your messing around with a flyback transformer (30 000volts), screws up screens.

I have found with many laptop repairs there are spacers between the outer shell and the back of the diffusers, you can add foam weatherstripping of the same or a bit larger and the lines will go away,its worked for me about 60 times on different brands.

Is there interferance? I get it on mine while my laptop is on AC power (the charging circuit is doing it). Try unplugging various things, plugging things in in different places, etc. It may be another device somewhere else in the room. Try turning other things off, taking things out of the room, etc. If I'm wrong, describe your problem futher or post a photo if you can.