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need a lipoly charger with output? Answered

 hey i need help with something iam trying to make a charger for a backpack but i ran into a snag to say i need a charger like this www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php it says 7v max the solar panel and battery i have are 7.4v.
will this be ok and work fine?
do you know if i can get something that will work like that charger?
any way to drove the voltage down to 6 before it gets to the board? 
thanks for any answers  


A 7.4 v. solar panel should be okay since a solar panel probably will never really reach 7.4 v. unless pointed perfectly into the bright sun.

You could put a voltage regulator that would drop the voltage down to 5 if you wanted to.

 i was going to put some in between the connections but i dont know how that wil affect the charge rate

Sorry folks. You need 8.4V to charge a 7.4V lipo battery.


8 years ago

If you're charging a 7.4V battery, that charger is the wrong choice.  It is designed for a single 3.7V cell.