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need an idea for wireless signaling. Answered

I want to make a simple wireless transmitter that can be used for a signal line for a project. I technically want to push a button at one end, and at the other end have it so it is like the button was pressed there. I would like it to have a range of about 30 yards (preferably without going over government limits)... Could i do this with just a transmitter and receiver?? Where could i get them (i have an order at digikey, so if there were a way i could get them and add to my order it would be great)? Any ideas?

Thanks! :)


I was recently pondering weather it could be done with CB radios and high frequencies, that could work in excess of the distance you want by a lot and still be legal.
If you were really gutsy, you could try a laser pointer and a photo-something receiver with a filter for most everything but that color laser and a comparator to filter out whats "on" or "off".

i was just thinking of using the oscillator/thinigies like the radio transmitters in RC planes. Any ideas?

For a hacky fix, I'd use a wireless doorbell.


The "Hack a wireless doorbell" 'ible over there ------>
is quite good for this kind of thing, IMO.

Why do you want this circuit?

I am trying to make pretty much a wireless controller. I have a pair of wireless headphones that have a 30 yard range, and thought it would be cool if i could use these on the lawn mower, and control my ipod from the lawn mower (its a riding lawn mower)
(yah i know it would be easier just to have an ipod on the mower but i want to see if this works)

Sounds like what you want is an iPod dock with a wireless remote. Much more complicated than it's worth, IMO. Especially when you could just push Play, and then get on the mower.

There is always the good old remote controled car insides
or an xbee.

 I'm not sure I understand.  You want to press a button and 30 yards away another button depresses at basically the same time?  Do you want the button receiving the signal to do anything or you only want the button on the other side to depress?  If you want the button on the other side to do something next besides simply depress you should tell us so we have a more clear understanding of your motives and your desired outcome.

Sorry for the unclear description... I am just thinking of it as a remote, but instead of IR, to make it wireless and have a longer range.... Hope this helps!