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need help on how to wire 4 36 volt dewalt packs and 2 a123 2s2p packs in parallel. Answered

I need help wiring up 4 36 volt dewalt packs and 2 a123 2s2p cell packs in parallel. . Will somebody please help ?My bike is a 36 volt red lee  iococca ebike.A diagram and any advise that could help will be appreciated. Thank You.  elvisbrown.


You should sketch what YOU mean. What are 2x2s2p ? You can't really parallel batteries without "sharing" resistors, to prevent huge internal currents flowing.

Is that better, sorry for not explaining correctly,any help is appreciated.

First of all, are these all the same technology ? Are they the same AGE ? Arrays of batteries are highly problematic, especially if they have different discharge histories, and mixing technologies is a recipe for disaster/fire/explosion.

they are all brand new a123 lifepo4 cells and have only been charged and never used.