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need help with a helicopter. Answered

i want to build a remote controlled helicopter to take pictures and record video, but since i dont know anything about it, i wanted to know if anyone knew where i could get a kit or parts.


Go for kite aerial photography - Easier - Shorter learning curve and MUCH cheaper. Also LOTS of web pages and instructables just search.

They make relatively inexpensive "trainer" copters for people to learn on. The trainer copters are not exceptionally cool or anything, but they are considerably harder to accidentally destroy than the nicer ones, and easier to fly. I'd recommend getting one of those and learning to fly it well before moving on to the more expensive models. As Fuogger said, your local hobby shop will be able to point you in the right direction.

these things are difficult enough to fly anyway. you'd want to buy one, with a camera and then spend hours learning how to move it without breaking it.


Your local hobby store should have quite a few for sale, be careful not to get a professional level helicopter as they require insanely expensive controllers and a great deal of skill to operate. I suggest asking one of the employees for some help, let them know what it is for.