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need new or used SCR for induction furnes! Answered

need new or used SCR for induction furnes! please any one who can help me! i need an SCR (Thyristor) , i dont care if its used or unused, i just cant justify the cost of a new one till i can be sure it will work; look at the picture below, iam replaceing the spark gap with an SCR. I put a drawing of a tesla coil diagram to compare with a simple spark gap induction drawing. $5 to $10 is in my price range till i know it will work. (voltage or amperage doesnt matter i would just like to see what there capable or if i can make it work for an induction furnes.)


don't induction heating work off of low voltage high current?

yes induction furnes work on low voltage and high voltage it is just matter on how you set it up.

So why are you comparing it to a tesla coil? Have you checked eBay or mouser?

the reson iam compareing an induction furnes to a tesla coil is becasue, look at the picture... they are almost the same thing! thanks for the ebay tip!