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need outdoor motion sensor switch with by pass feature for pot lights? Answered

I'm looking for a reliable outdoor dome motion sensor switch with bypass feature for pot lights. 
best if I can bypass with flipping the indoor switch and reset by power off for a while,
will settle for wireless bypass by a smart phone or last resort: a wireless remote from inside.

look forward to your advice with appreciation and thanks

the motion switch should be for 110V ac 200W. prefer 250 w or above



2 years ago

Easy to do with any outdoor motion detector and a wired parallel a regular spst wall switch across the detector series wires.

And if you need it remote controlled you can get complete kits with relays for a few bucks on Ebay - just make sure to select a model that stays on after a button is pressed!
You get two types from the china guys:
The first only keeps the relay activated for as long as the button is pressed - they are of little use for this.
The second works like a ltaching relay - you press the button and the relay switches it's state, those are the ones you want as a remote.

thanks, I must have searched with the wrong terms, so far came up empty.

would please give me a bit more detail?


2 years ago

The top switch is your by-pass the lamps are your pot lights

A] Both motion-sensor and by-pass switch are off.

B] The motion-sensor is off but the by-pass switch is lighting the pot lights on and will not change except by hand.

C] The by-pass switch is open but the motion-sensor is lighting the pot lights on and will change by time and outside conditions.

D] Both motion-sensor and by-pass switch are closed and the pot lights cannot be turned off by hand for the time being.


Looks good except I still have to fish in the hot wire independent of the wall switch.