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need some ideas about my final year project of IT? Answered

hey!! im doing BS in Information technology. im final year student and i have to make a project. please help me giving some ideas about final year project.?


When I did my degree, I made friends with those in each year ahead of me. That way I got to know first-hand what was coming and how to prepare for it. Even if I didn't actively think about it, I knew it was bubbling away at the back of my mind and I was ready when the time came for me. Nothing was a surprise.

One of the "tricks" I did was get access to previous A+grade succesful projects. Ask your professor if needs be - if this is not possible, keep asking away until someone gives you what you want. Also, know that each assessor looks for something different. I gave the same essay to two different lecturers and got a whopping 20%+ difference in score. No, I wasn't penalised for submitting the same work - it was an experiment I wanted to prove. You need to know who the assessor is and give them what they are looking for. (Look on the bright side - when you start working, you'll be doing much the same thing, giving your boss what they want...)

Then I looked at *what* made that project successful. It's not always the fact that it was a cool application - sometimes it was mundane - there's always the write-up, the grammar, the way it is explained and so on. For me, I found a "new" way to write (ie new for me) that pushed my marks from 40%+ mark to 65%+.

Perhaps you are on holidays/vacation now. Make the time to discover what it is the professors are looking for and deliver that. To do this, do it in stages, always a draft, leave it a day to refresh your mind and then go back to it. Don't leave your project to the last week - start it the first week you get it.

A cool lecturer gave me a great tip - he said do your degree like a 9-5 job - that way you get all the hours you need and still keep your social/family life.

So, in short, look at previously successful projects and emulate them (don't copy - plagiarism).

Good luck - and remember to have fun - it will show in your project. ;-)

Second Kevin's comments.

When I was doing my BS thesis, I first talked to every professor I could find who was working in areas I was interested in, and asked them what projects they had that would be suitable. I then went to the school's library and read some of the archived MS (!) theses to understand what made a good project and a good write-up thereof.

How many years have you been doing IT?


What language? Do you know HTML, CSS, PHP, Perl or Javascript?

If you have no idea, ask your tutors, mentors, your profs maybe one of them has an idea for a project idea and needs someone to work it out.

Try to contact some companies in your area. They might have small (side) projects on hold due to low staff as well. They get their project done, you get your final year project and some hands-on experience. win-win.

This isn't the right place to ask really you should be taking the advice of your tutors and of your own inclinations.

We don't know your interests, skills, facilities, ability, time scale, budget, institution/staff preferences - or much else anything other than our own interets and experience.

Program a web 2.0 interface for charity of some sort... Always gets extra points.

What's expected ? A programming project ? A system analysis ?