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need somebody who can program 6-Pin TINY AVRs (such as ATtiny10) Answered

I can't currently afford the equipment needed for programming 6-Pin TINY AVRs.  I'm looking to hire somebody who can program some for me.  I'm willing to pay for your time.  I only need simple things like making an LED flicker.  Please let me know if you're interested in helping or know somebody who can.  Thank you.



6 years ago

Have an old PC with a parallel port? You can build a "DAPA" ISP programmer for AVRs, all for a few bucks. Under $10, even if you have to buy everything...Less than that if you can scavenge an old parallel connector.

It's outlined pretty well in the Ghetto programmer ible.

(of course you still need to learn to program the AVR.)

First, I don't have a parallel port. Second, that set-up won't work with the ATtiny10 anyway. I don't want to use the ATtiny13 instead because I need the smaller size. So unless my research is wrong (which it could very well be; I'm a newbie), I'd need to spend almost $300 to get the supplies I need for programming the 6-pin AVRs, and still need to learn the actual programming part. Really just not worth it to make an LED flicker.

OK, I just saw "such as" and assumed you weren't wedded to the tiny10, or 6 pins.

So why not use an 8-pin AVR?

Also, there are TPI programmers that cost about $35...

I said "such as" because I think the 4, 5, and 9 are the same ridiculously small size as the 10 and might also work. I think the 8-pins are just too big. Does anybody have a size comparison chart for AVRs? Every mm counts for me. And where did you see a programmer for $35?! Please share the link.

Sorry, it's just surprising that someone without any previous experience with AVRs and has never actually compared them physically (or otherwise) is so focused on one footprint. And from what I've read, there's no AVRGCC support for the 6-pin chips, which means assembly lang, not "C".

But that's cool--you know what you want.

A search for "AVR tpi" unearths a few appropriate programmers... Here's one. There are more.

I think the one above is a clone of the Atmel AVRISP mkII, which also is inexpensive. All are USB, too, which is good...

Note that the 6-pin Tiny devices can only be programmed @ 5V (even if they run @ lower voltages). So they'd have to be programmed before assembly if other components (like LEDs) might be fried at 5V...

Yep, looks like you're correct. I was trusting a page that had led me astray on what exactly I'd need to buy for programming. It said that the AVRISP MKII and similar would not work for the 6-pin chips, but from further research, it seems that they will. So brilliant. Although I still don't want to buy a programmer without ever having played with an actual AVR chip.

Thanks, I will definitely check out that link. And I do plan to program before assembly.

As for already being decided on what I want, I'm open to other suggestions, but I need small. I've read the specs on the tiny13, and I know that it is too large to fit where I want it. I've read the measurements and seen pics of the tiny10 on a dime, and also pics of the 0603 LED on a dime. I work with a lot of 0603 lights, so I feel I have a good idea of the size of the tiny10, despite never having actually seen one in person. It would be silly to be set on something without considering the alternatives, I agree, but if I know something physically won't fit in the space I have for it, it gets crossed off the possibilities list. Unless I eliminate all options that will fit and need to do a new design (which I might end up doing if the tiny10s are just too difficult).

What quantity and what would be shipping/handling costs to your location.

If you are trying to develop new code, wouldn't it pay to build your own programmer or get something off of ebay?

I'm just trying to make an 0603 LED flicker (between around 60% to 100% brightness, not fully on and off). If I had my own programmer, I'd probably just copy code from online and maybe tweak it a bit. I'm not looking to develop anything fancy. And if there's an inexpensive programmer that will work for the 6-Pin TINY AVRs, I completely missed it. The little ones like the ATtiny10 use TPI and not ISP. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I really know next to nothing about any of this.

I would want just a few to test and make sure they'll work for me, but then probably 20 to 100 more, depending on cost and how much I like them. Maybe more in the future. I might decide I want a few different codes, but they would all just be for flickering and fading one or two LEDs, the only difference being speed and brightness. So mostly just putting the same couple codes on them all.

I would pay shipping costs, and I'm in the US. I'll also buy the AVRs and have them mailed to you, or pay you back if you buy them. And I'll pay for time spent working, but I'd want an estimate up front. I have Paypal, or we could work something else out.