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need to buy recycled ?HDPE plastic? Answered

i live in ky. we do not have a center to buy recycle plastic HDPE  if someone can buy  recycle beads i can pay the S/H to ky i ould like black a good amount if anyone can help me 


chances are you already throw away a LOT of HDPE already. Plastic bags and almost anything clear and plastic is LDPE (which is similar), milk jugs are HDPE, as well as some tupperware and other storage things.
Also, I would look at ebay or craigslist, not answers instructables to buy stuff.


4 years ago

Hmmm, maybe do it yourself? Get a bunch of oil bottles and run them through a cross cut paper shredder. Several times if you want smaller pieces.

FYI KY it's the WWW

Use full words and names please even if you spell them wrong.

I was reading a question the other day and the author used the term PTO.

I live in farm country PTO is Power Take Off where I come from.

Can you see the problem.


And where in the world are you?

buying recycled plastic is very difficult as most is turned into commercial products - you need to contact a recycling supplier