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nerf firefly problems! Answered

I was planing on taking apart my nerf firefly, but it crashed and burned when i could not get the back end of the gun to open! I've found some sort of pegs inside the stock of the gun. anyone know how to take it apart would be great!



Axelion has it right, the firefly is (amazingly) pretty powerful for a nerf blaster, so it has been glued together... what i did for mine was took out the screws, and lightly pried it a bit, slid a pocket knife blade into it and slowly cut it open...

The back of the Firefly is glued together. Make sure you have the screws out and then pry that apart.

Just for future reference here is the Modification Directory from Nerfhaven.com. Quite a useful resource when you need to figure out how to put a blaster back together.

I've never had a firefly but it never seems like other people had trouble taking it apart. you probably just forgot to unscrew some screws. i would assume you have to unscrew the slide/cocking device thing off too, and there might be another screw under where that was.