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new idea for a knex gun video game Answered

i have an idea for a knex video game. basically, you have several missions at various locations and they get progressively harder. ideas for missions (easiest to hardest) -instructables HQ -golden gate bridge (the areas where mechanics go) -Beijing, china -monte carlo casino -Empire State Building -Sears tower weapons -the Dunkis TDS (default weapon at the start of level)-10 shots -Dsman's sidearm-10 shots -I_am_canadian's heavy cannon (non-movable turret)-3 shots -my Longbow SR-L crossbow-5 shots -SR-v1-5 shots -DD-27-5 shots -oodalump's machine gun-25 shots -Storm 223-15 shots -a grenade of some sort enemies have 3 hit points each except for elite commandos, who have 10. the bosses have a health meter and a shield that must be defeated first


Awesome Idea!!! There could be an online co-op mode (i like co-op)

yeah. we could have real time chat. and here is a good one. online co-op between different console platforms

Hmmm... Different console platforms, that would be quite hard...
My uncle works for Sony. He is very experienced at C++. I could ask him to help out...

Black ops style graphics?

yep. and also the ability to shoot from unmanned vehicles while driving them. and also you have to build a few guns that are found in the levels

hard but cool. also you could download levels and weapons. maybe an editor for levels???

yeah. or, after you get to a certain point, you can customize guns and all that

Me and my friends have begun making a good knex 1st person shooter.
expected time to finish: 1-3 months

I have wanted a game like this for the longest time, so will be working on this everyday after school with my friends until we have made an awesome game

Help is wanted in the game making process. Ideas, Drawings, custom 3d computer graphics, and pictures would be appreciated. This goes for guns, landscapes, rooms, people, names, objects, levels and more.

Remember, think before you type. Random ideas and such will not be looked at. Pm me all ideas/pictures/etc. after you revise them.

Thankyou, and Spread The Word.

Me and laserbeam had an idea like this before on flash.

lol we could make a knex version of lego star wars :P

time to use fpsmaker

Hmm if I could get a free version and somehow get some graphics I'd go ahead and try my hand at a game. I'm thinking if someone would be able to somehow like make a model in one of the 3d programs used to make virtual instructions or if someone can overall make models then I could do the rest. The only problem is with getting all the animations so unless the program has the programming to automatically do the animations and we could replace the models (like if you could use the base pistol animations and replace the model with the TDS) I doubt we could make a decent one. That would be cool though I'm not kidding. Y'know now that I think of it that might be possible but then we would need a base animation for each knex gun we have so we'd have to stick to realistic models most likely.

oh man i know that would be cool. i saw it for 50 USD though.

This made me laugh so hard, it's not funny....especially after all those cruches I did yesterday.....

You deleted the comment.....or a mod did......

Yeah I was thinking up a video game idea in the late future where they're would be some heavy program to make a building system. This could take into account moving pieces and my complex math systems of how far a gun should theoretically shoot. And default gun ftw! Woot!

other weapons are picked up at various locations at the level

You should have like 3 different pistols, 3 different "assualt" guns, 2 shotguns, 2 snipers, 2 "machine guns", 1 crossbow, 2 misc. guns, and 2-3 different explosives in there to have some variety. Then each gun in a category would have different stats from the rest. Like for the Snipers one could have decent power but insane accuracy while the other has insane power but only decent accuracy at a certain distance.

ok. what additions would you recommend?

Dang now I have to think. Alright let me come up with a list later after I think things out.

take your time. this game aint comin anytime soon, or later for that matter

My Assult rifle is good enough, besides its really small

and for a level you should do at a nuclear bomb plant, or in eqypttian pyrimads

i used my video game experience to try to make one of these games. i tried but it just does not work. 3-D is a no because we don't have pictures of the gun at all the angles. and pictures of the guns are really hard to do(mostly because most pictures are not of the gun aiming perfect right(for 2-D)

You could always make a simple rail shooter, or maybe something like Heli attack.

lol if I just had graphics of each gun I could probably make a basic 2-D game although that I kind of ruins the whole point of having it a shooter. For a really basic game with simple animations we would need about 4 animations-Laying on the ground or whatever you want to pick it up, holding it normally in your hands, recoil if we want to make it look like shooting actually does something, and then finally reloading. I suppose we should have views for the sites. Also here's another idea. We should add melee weapons like a knife for the classic knifing move for an instant kill and then a sword for also an instant kill but with more range.

Dude its abit unfair having a set of weapons, and putting your own in there is being abit big headed ;) Etiher way, if you really wanted to make it good you should let people srta make their own (If that'd be possible).

well, i just put in the best-known guns and threw in my own gun, lol