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new innovation project... Answered

i'm electrical engineering student..
i have been asked by my lecturer to create an innovative creations related to electrical engineering fo my final project..
The invention is not necessarily new.
it can be produced from existing product but has been modified to be something innovative..

Can anyone give me some ideas for this innovation product or something related to the electrical engineering???


At the stage you are in your education, It is of no benefit for you to have help. Ideas are part of the process, not just the end result. Showing that you have researched, planned and executed your idea is a serious part of the task. Only by planning something for yourself will you have the depth of knowledge required by your teacher. Good Luck.

thanz for the commen..

You have no ideas of your own?
(Your lecturer asked you to do this...)


that why i asked your opinion..

Learning sometimes involves doing things yourself, you need to think of some things and then ask for opinions on those.


This is REALLY the wrong place to ask THAT question.

You must have some ideas of your own... surely? Think of problems you face on a day to day basis, Think of problems your friends or family experience. What could you design to save energy, to increase someone's quality of life, increase productivity, increase ease of use... for anything.

You have months and months and months for your final year project. Spend the first 3 weeks thinking up as many ideas as you can, no matter how whacky. There's no such thing as a bad idea, the more you get written down, the more into the swing of it you get and the more likely you are to have a great one.

So.... come back in 3 weeks, list all of your great ideas and we'll help you choose one ;) (then sell the rest)

Do you understand what to be innovative is? In yourself, you need to harness the force of creativity.

wait, I sound like...

I think even if you had a bad idea to start, it would be good for discussion but here you will find no one to do your work for you.

How about designing some sort of device by which a person could stop or start the flow of electricity through a circuit any time they wanted, merely by using their finger?


7 years ago

List "things people need done" and "things you can do with electricity". When the two lists have similar entries on them, work out a way to bridge the gap with your EE knowledge.

Or, think of what you like making and think of things you could make that involve doing that. That's what I do.