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new mortar Answered

this is my knex mortar what do you think post or not? P.S. this uses a trigger similar to Iacs trigger. Gets about 100 feet I tore it apart because no one likes it


no, dont post it, its too simple........

y not? things can be simple but effective.... maybe this is one of those things....

I tried making simple but effective guns early in my knexer days, but then i wasnt considered a good knexer after I posted....

well yeah i guess thats true for all of us.... well i guess he could post if he wants......

He doesnt have a good rep yet, he should get that first.....

He shouldn't post until he has a good rep.

He can't get a good rep without posting.

He can't post without...

DJR, Have you ever read "Catch 22"?

well, If you post meh things with a good rep, people will know you can build better stuff and not consider you a bad builder...... He can get a good rep with posting, just post cool new stuff that has good range/power and has something new or looks good no, I havent read "catch 22", never heard about it either

DJ, Kiteman's point is this: How can he get "rep" without posting? Answer: he can't.

Well, the thing is he might not get rep by posting this gun

You really ought to read it...

I have never read it, but I do believe that I caught on to the meaning of the phrase. Funny.

we all start on something. I started with block triggers although I never posted. I still had to post something even if it wasn't that great just to get me starting. It's the same for everyone else.

Its not his first knex gun tho. I started with RBG's but I never posted. I still posted my sniper rifle, mostly because I didnt know the standards and I had a positive reaction on the fourm

Give it an actually stand and then give it something that actually explodes. I've been waiting a long time for someone to make a mortar that launches either IaC's war bomb or my Suplody. Mortars are made for some heavy ground support after all.

Awesome! Will you be able to make it use both of our bombs? The Suplody has more shrapnel while your WB is just easier to make and use so unless we mash these two together some how I think it would be best to be able to fire both types.

Im not sure... I had a v2 grenade that worked, but its going to highly moddable ammo-wise, so Im gonna make the mech and then find out what grenades work best.

I could do it................. If I had 3000 knex parts....



The zeroth law is bent and twisted in the knexer's world. posting a knex project depends on the quality of the item, and if it has anything new. This motar has nothing new, and its quality is meh.

A quick search reveals only six K'NEX mortars, none like this. Ergo, the Zeroth Law is clearly applicable.

It can look very different from other mortars, but still not have anything new. same goes for quality

I didn't say this was a new design. However, it achieves its ends through a different arrangement of pieces to the other designs on this site. As for quality, define "meh" - are you claiming it doesn't work? That it will fall apart upon firing? That its range is poor? Zeroth Law applies. The real story here is a member trying to set himself up as "top dog" in K'NEX, controlling what other K'NEXers post. That is not in the spirit of this site, and not a pleasant thing to see.

well, in the knex world "meh" means its nothing special- it can be simple and reliable, but there is nothing that sets it apart from other knex guns... but still, im not trying to set myself up as top dog in knex, and others have said they dont want this gun posted too. (i may be trying too too hard tho)

im not trying to set myself up as top dog in knex,
*cough* *cough*

Sorry, but I am gonna have to say this one is a no-go. It's just really simple.