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new video games Answered

Hey my names Dewie im looking to create some new video games and i'd love to hear all of your thoughts for a new video game i look forward to some collaboration. 
Anyone who post will get all the credit for everything they do so come on and post away.



there is a idea i ave and anyone that wants to help will be appreciated its the first hell sing video game and anyone who has seen it will be a big help its called hellsing aftermath it picks up after the show stopped

Dewie I don't want credit........you deserve it! Well, just a little credit will be nice.......

Alright.......so my idea, I was going to have a forum about it but can't get a picture, Dewie this is a 3-D game called "The Fallen" your name is Copper and you are a Chinese(Commie) prisoner and you start escaping and using their own weapons against them(they are all melee) then you get in an elevator and an enemy has two 10mm sub machine guns that you can dual wield. You then reach the courtyard where it looks like the entire Commie army!!! Then a giant robot comes falling down and smashes everyone in the middle. A helicopter(friendly)comes in and a man comes out of the side(while its still flying)and climbs on the roof to a deploy-able minigun and starts killing the Commies and Sgt. Benjamin Killim comes to you and escorts you out of there! Dewie follow me and send me a private message and I will send you more info and I will send you a message showing some characters!

come on guys start posting its been a long time since i posted this seriously guys come on.

Try a website dedicated to coding games?