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[newsletter] Burger Recipes, Hot Tub, Italian Wedding... Answered

Instructables - The World's Biggest Show & TellJuly 3, 2008Instructables Robot
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Welcome back!

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The Robot Contest has been extended for two week.! The new deadline for entries is now July 13, so show off your robot's best features!

Both the Lonely Planet Travel Tips Contest and the BBQ PDQ Contest close for entries this weekend. Use these last few days to enter an awesome Instructable to win greta travel books or an Instructables apron

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1up mushroom burger
"1UP Mushroom" Mushroom Burger!
traveling by scooter
Traveling by Scooter
put a spring in your step
Put A Spring In Your Step
Waikiki 'ahi (Tuna Steak) Sandwich
Waikiki 'ahi (Tuna Steak) Sandwich

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dsman195276 (author)2008-07-03

hmm, i have a question. do all the featured instructables get in the news letter?

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Far from it. Only a small portion of the featured instructables get placed in the newsletter.

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