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(newsletter) TV-B-Gone kit, LED Bike Jacket, Tetrahedral Kite... Answered

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Welcome back!

Get the LED Out! Contest - Enter any Instructable that involves LEDs, and win some amazing lights from Monkeylectric!

Mother's Day Contest - Help decide who wins a Singer sewing machine! Vote now!

The winners of the Epilog Challenge have been announced!
See who won the Epilog Zing laser, and gift certificates for lasercutting by Ponoko!

Coming next week...
Show us an amazing sound-related project, and win an awesome set of hand-built custom speakers in our upcoming Art of Sound Contest!

Make Your Own Laptop Skin
Make Your Own Laptop Skin
Light for life: Glowing Button Cycling Jacket
Light for Life: Glowing Button Cycling Jacket
TV-B-Gone Kit
TV-B-Gone Kit
Make a Wire Wrapped Ring
Make a Wire Wrapped Ring