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night vision goggles contest Answered

somebody please send me some real plans for night vision goggles and make an instructable on them.


The only real option is to use dedicated gear for this.
Old russian military surplus has still Gen1 nightvision systems that you can get at cheap prices.
Camara hacks also exist to get images in the near IR region and Sony had a few video cams with nighvision capabilities based on IR sensitive sensors and additional IR illumination.
My mum had one of these oldies and still regret that she sold it as the IR was amasingly sensitive, although I think it came down to the sensor sensitivity and optics allowing more light in - the lens diameter was massive compared to other cams of the time.
Night vision for us humas only works through technology, that means you need a camera that is sensiive to at least near IR plus IR illumination and optics that allow most of the visible and IR light to pass through without losses.
I doubt anyone will make an Instrucbale covering true nightvision based on electronics you can find in your scrap box.

if you want real, here's the real version (you'll need scientific lab to make it)-https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/cf/Photomultiplier.JPG

I've been thinking about cheaper methods...you might wanna use flir sensor camera (sparkfun) along with hand held raspberry pi and portable screen.(still too exoensive)