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no adobe option Answered

there is no download adobe option for https://www.instructables.com/id/COPYRIGHT-FREE-RE-LISTED-FLIPTOP-TOOL-STAND/


Give it 24 hours for the web gods to balance everything out. It should show up in the next day.

That would make sense, except that the I'ble in question was published on 29 March, a full week ago.

Luckily the web gods owe me a favor, so this one's good now...but I don't know how many favors I have left.

Your remaining quota for the fiscal quarter is 4.32

The web gods use to work at the Post Office, you know, where first class mail used to be one-day across town and is now 5-7 days and priority mail is now 3-5 days.


5 years ago

praise be to the web gods, who are always with us!

I can see the download PDF option fine on Chrome and FF, it's right at the top underneath the title. Do you have the latest version of your browser, have you turned off any script-blocking add-ons on your browser, and do you have the latest PDF reader?

Hi, Mike. I'm on Firefox, and I did not see it earlier. It is there now, but see the comments from Matt below -- apparently he got it fixed.

Gosh, he's right!