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no instructables Answered

What would you do without instructables? My internet was down for the past month, so I had no instructables. What would you do if that or some other problem happened to you?


I'd die and not learn anything in the process

Now that Instructables has started me making again, I'd keep documenting and blogging.

I would still keep taking photos of things I am making to make step by step instructables and then maybe go to my friends house or an internet cafe to go to instructables.com!

The longest I stayed without instructables was 10 days ( after I found out about instructables) when I went to a camp!

I will STILL make things, LOTS of things maybe since I spend a lot of time in the forums :-)

....however, that being said, if Instructables had not been around when I found them, I might not be so good. I was at a real low when I found MAKE mag. and then Instructables through them.

I really was dispondant and at a loss as to what I wanted to do with my fading years  

...this site really did change all that for me.

I had nearly a year off once, went to the pub and watched shite-TV otherwise. Apart from the TV it was good.


I haven't had TV for years, these days I got to the pub and do the internet.