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no sew fleece ponchos for adults. Answered

I recently saw some very adorable new sew ponchos for women at a craft sale.  I totally regret not buying one, and since then I have been scouring pattern sights to find intructions for one.  they we like the blankets only they had an off center v neck and were of course ponchos.  they looked very fashionable. I am really interested in finding out how to make them.  Can anyone help me? PLEASE??



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caitlinsdad (author)2010-03-05


You could look put "no sew blanket" in the search box for other intructables on the technique.  I guess the opening for the head is edged in the frills also.  I would think an extra piece for the hood tied in or maybe the way it was cut makes it a hooded poncho.  Good luck.

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